Thursday, December 10, 2020

Putin's hasty hateful politic did few things - global competition for deep neonazi state sympathy(global loss of morality - integrity which they learned from Putin) and total deterioration of inter Slavic relations leaving Russia 100% dependent on West with even competition for oil pipe which is now substituted with EastMed

 New cars powered on electricity can confirm you more about what is coming next for all of us in eastern Europe and foremost Russia with whom we have barely anything anymore going on.... and all this for the cost of Donetsk/Crimea where every Russian was more than welcome and could call it a second homeland.

Acknowledged Stalin as enemy and tsar as brave heroic, but when it all started in 1995 to gain sympathy of Slovenian and other eastern European delegations, we were taken to Stalin's home town in Gori in Georgia by Putin alone where one cried and whipped his tears I cite psychopath, "he did so much and has nothing"(with nothing but $$$$ on his mind)...

Russia today no longer anyone out there would look up to for absolutely anything related to her past as everyone knows all transitions country made went straight through deep neonazi state from the West...

American compromise with neonazism(this is what US elections look like to me during past two decades) must NEVER EVER BECOME SLAVIC REALITY !!!


We eastern Europeans must pursue legacy of our parents/grandparents and offer BASE to conscious Americans willing to build future with us. Set along other human races ethics for entire human race rather than to compete with one another for neonazi favoritism - hosting even death in out countries for the cost of $$$$ against one another as is the case with Taiwan, Poland, Ukraine etc...

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