Tuesday, December 22, 2020

It was not Mr. Gedzo or his family that cooked problem - it was the Slovenian neighbor located in the back of the property

 Mr. Gedzo never ever was violent with me, but his neighbor was extra violent(unleashed a barrage of verbal abuse against me under MK Ultra and added one a clause used frequently amongst dog owners in Poland and in Czech rep. as "if I see you near I let dogs loose" <= I never ever ran from anyone or anything in my life time and such statement to me is just invitation for questions from my side) and so were few others located in this street. As far as Mr. Gedzo and his family were in it from beginning to end to help me. Gedzo wouldn't let opportunity to help me out pass bye, so he did whatever it took for me to identify them all through backyard incident.

Mr. Gedzo and police, however, will have to confirm EXISTANCE OF THIS VERY MK ULTRA CASE as will not let anyone off the hook without full recognition of something they were asking today about "what is it MK Ultra".

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