Tuesday, December 8, 2020

About new war in Karabakh and "new" Slovenian arms transaction - is not so new trust me

First loss was well anticipated and orchestrated, but new conflict of much much greater proportions is coming next in which Armenia would use weaponry against Azerbaijan sold to one by Israel with much greater sophistication than what was previously sold.

Excerpts from MK Ultra:

"Because Azeris would win this war against Armenia in Karabakh, Moscow would dispatch us to purchase weapons from Israel...when something like this happens we must find out and get hands on whatever is out there" for whom everyone knew were sold to Azerbaijan - this would be a scenario happening today but Netanyahu bragged about one next to our Slovenian politicians and Putin already in 2012.

"Stating that there will be second war and first one was only used for Israel to gain trust in Islamic community will be considered as betrayal" were words to me from Netanyahu.

Putin dreamed of blowing up even Baku and Ankara during new war coming and location where this took place was inside of our house - the most secure and credible location when Putin/Pahor were in question - under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would anyone even dare to imitate Putin in Slovenia in any way. Impossible in this house/village.

@Netanyahu - I am not Israeli nor have I ever engaged in contract of any kind with one and as such under NO OBLIGATION to keep your verbal secrets as secrets. + too much video recording was done during MK Ultra sessions for purposes of misinformation about me alone to the sides which also have votes in this world. @Netanyahu - I lost 26 years of life because of you and yours alike.

Slovenia as you see - has a LOT to do even with war in Karabakh. AKhAkhAkh....

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