Thursday, December 31, 2020

ABOUT TRUMP卐 卍AND卐 卍HIS COVID19: When I met Chinese beauty sometimes in 1997 when brought to China by US Government(drugged up and in her little village), I have fallen in love with one simultaneously

It was in her mountain village about 23 years ago...little did I know that she will become my lover in Miami in real time as it did happened in 2006 before exiting US for return to Europe...she, however, was noticed globally - all the way to Japan not only US. AND as years went bye and Donald Trump kept returning to China, HOWEVER, it was Wuhan that attracted his attention more than any other city in China - Wuhan eventually became Donald Trump's obsession !!! 

Go figure out why Wuhan what was it that Donald Trump(he wanted to pro卐f卍it via poverty - ca卐 卍sh on poverty in other part of the world via poverty in China and its why specially Donald Trump or people alike Trump with money are so dangerous for this world) wanted to do with Wuhan and how. 

She, however, never ever forgot me since first moment we met...after she found out about Donald Trump's plans for me and his bloody legacy to China(war on China), she committed herself to rescuing the world - humanity. In 2001, se enrolled herself into Wuhan University leaving me with words, "for you so don't forget"(she took me all over university)....

Today, I will fulfill this unique person's commitment to world without even naming her name. She is a hero to me and a hero to numerous American friends whom she befriended in US and prior to arrival to US. It was the way to fight back against Donald Trump's Wuhan conspiracy via which Donald Trump attempted to pull China on his neonazi bandwagon against humanity.

SHE has an engineering degree from Wuhan University of Technology and received a graduate of Administrative Management from Renmin University of China. She has worked in Economic Daily and Global Daily, two of the most popular newspapers in China

In case you wonder about my account in respect to Coronavirus. Coronavirus was produced in US labs and as such redistributed to our environment for the sake of NWO - war on humanity. Will give name out to government investigators only after knowing that they are willing(committed) to engage in real job not cover-ups as the case was with Belorussian Nastya Rybka.

My account about Coronavirus, however, was/is 100% legitimate. Have a nice Sunday....

Yup, she was so far the only woman I ever wanted to have a child with...despite her being totally crazy about me I didn't succeed to trick her with unlimited amount of attempts ;) not only disciplined, but she was foremost not allowed too...thats THE one. Have a nice Thursday people and happy new year to you all.

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This particular video is video of my #1 choice - not a coincidence you see one here.

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