Wednesday, December 9, 2020

LIVE UP TO THE TRUTH OR DIE BY THE LIE: Trump vows to intervene in Texas election case before Supreme Court

Donald Trump says isn't going anywhere
With hacked elections that awarded one with 47%, I don't see one why he should...each day, he grows stronger and this trend will continue even after Joe Biden takes his chair inside of the White House - if that ever happens !!!

The game saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing DIE A LOT goes on. US elections of 2020 are finally becoming more interesting. Lets see how it goes....

What you have gone through bye now, you will not even remember within two years as the situation will deteriorate 100x times for worse.

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and where and who screwed you already and will screw you even more - part of the world bleeding via lies over 26 years which you deliberately neglected to cover-up for your self elected boots. 

They are in agreement with one another make no mistake and its this agreement that will slit your throats America.

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