Sunday, December 6, 2020

INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA: Jacqueline Kale came from Macedonia(Macedonian) to Slovenia some 22+ years ago via my case(hot)

I know about her close to a lot, but not everything everything. Before she settled in Bela Krajina, she used to live in Velenje - NOWHERE WRITTEN UP is one of her residences...

I was in her appartment in Macedonia where she didn't live by herself but shared one I think with either brother or some other guy...She was on first floor is older building in intersection and worked as waitress...for me, she is amazing woman. Knows my mom who is originally from Bela Krajina and somehow settled there - very well accepted and likes Croatia(mostly why).
Yeah, she if very very unique for me SO BETTER BE VERY VERY NICE TO HER !!!


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