Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Son of Mr. Gedzo and Mr. Gedzo alone were trained for brawls by Slovenian police when growing up(they groomed him for police officer position), but

 he committed a major offense at his age approximately 19, I think(he then proceeded to college as police career fall apart) and it all ended for him(he was updating me religiously with his situation) on what Mr. Gedzo was, I understood, extremely upset. I think his son involved in brawl completed university despite all.

All from MK Ultra memory and I like it specially because everyone claims how nobody knew/knows me...

My neck is in terrible pain, laptop cover scratched, glass frames bent...

Mr. Gedzo specially was trained in brawl language as while choking me he insisted to stop screaming for help....expert brawler. Hope pain in my neck will not force me into thorough medical examination of neck.

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