Monday, December 7, 2020

Czech republic video recorded me while throwing in my face verbal gestures(confirmations when drugged up and with knife under my throat) on how I agree to support anti Chinese pro Taiwan politic - played me German alike commercial in my face and videorecorded whole thing using me as a human hostage for own NEONAZI blunders as an excuse

Will explain same as I did for Buckingham palace who laughed along German to Japanese emperors to my stupidities in which they incited me - I love Japan and China(I LOVE ASIAN WOMEN TO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR - ADMIRE THEIR BEAUTY)

@Czech republic and Poland - Nor is Borut Pahor Slovenian nor is Janez Jansa. You will not come to Slovenia for human hostages no more. To shit and piss on our lives and used us as a drugged up hostages(hostage is a proper term - not even slave as you are both as insane as it gets) for your nazi blunders with which you caused much harm to Slavic society as whole already in the past beginning with WWII.

@ Taiwan - GET REAL !!!!

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