Monday, August 3, 2020

How you save EVERY dog/cat from homeless suffering - very very easy


Every dog and every cat are to be sterilized(once grown). If you want them unsterilized(probably for either sale or perhaps other reasons), you pay fee equivalent to life of 10 dogs/cats(calculate cost on how much they cost to be well maintained over their life period lets say 12 years).

You don't sterilize dog/cat, penalty worth 20 dog/cats lives same as seen above(not 10, but 20)

You are also to pay yearly fee for ownership of cat/dog.

You mistreat dog/cat, prison and financial penalty for you. Financial penalty that will make you experience what they often times experience today(as sen above - I don't care if  take car/house from you fr abusing them) due to totally incompetent state laws we have.

For those experiencing financial crises(social circumstances), I do void yearly fee for which they would have to apply for incl. vaccinations etc.

If homeless, I would give them for free adoption from shelters and problem would be solved within 2/3 years I estimate entierly.

This are NOT breeding for consumption animals and therefore must be reclassified into different group. Its past time already.

I think the worst part about it all is to go to shelter and save one only - basically seeing all those sad eyes you leave behind when leaving with your animal of choice...

Humans created as seen on photo above and should therefore also try on own skin to understand what it feels like...

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