Sunday, August 2, 2020

Neighbor where bad dog is(used to have two), is a cat lover and good person as one possibly can be

Entire street is packed with very good people. One house flirted with Duda, but other than that here are really good hearted good people who have NOTHING to with what went on at Wiekowa 9. They protested as a community once they find out about what else went on here(as I stated others were brought here for torture as well). They allowed this place to stay open as is only because of my case.
Al-through residents knew who was here, they knew nothing about what went on in here and therefore can't be blamed for anything that occurred inside of this walled(not only gated) property.

I want to thank all neighbors in area.

Mentioned neighbor next door is a sweetheart retiree. Older man who would give close to anything and everything he could to help. Its his right to have dog and he now only have one - just because of cat situation. I simply love people in this area. They are GREAT community here. lovely people. Real Polish people.

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