Saturday, August 22, 2020

Why AND HOW Americans failed at polluted creek and lake during bright sunny days

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Uhhhhh Jack Patrick Dorsey was an angrrrryyy baby....uhhhh boy threatened and threatened and for time when my case would become unstoppable. Huda huda Ms Patricka(Jackie) Dorsey(there is lady in his body - child's ego which he never managed to overgrow). None of the mentioned wanna be pigeons from America whom I served as tool to see what can be done to human being if not cautions would manage to complete even 5% of what I did if exposed to MK Ultra torture in Poland, yet few chose to cry/complain about me even when drugged up.

Ms Jackie Dorsey(twittie) bitched me that he along with few others demanded from Trump this type of treatment to see if Trump didn't give them someone insane(twitter twit Dorsey isn't all that, but he just wanted to sound big/important and off course "evil"...he changed his mind then to please not tell what is written here and "yall will retaliate if you tell about me...will not recognize you tralalala")....pathetic Dorsey. Pathetic.

They carried water to one another and helped one another clean backs(shower from bottles) and do just as all girls would(cry) :))))) what a pretty selected by Donald Trump group of heroes :))))) typical.

They held jobs granted to them by US Government without worry to loose any data, political issues or need for better as thyey would give them well paid jobs to hold onto for longer time - no need to carry with them as much as I did/do....wimpets.

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