Thursday, August 20, 2020

More racist and hateful than Germans were only Americans Donald Trump brought with him to Poland and its what Poland refers to the Belarus as FREEDOM

It became evident about who is pushing for American occupation of Belarus under disguise of freedom

Morawiecki whose father I knew since 1996 - a regular nobody and nothing(100% liar who claimed to have defeated USSR in Poland by immigrating across the border) who produced(his own son) traitor and thief(scammer who robbed Polish taxpayers) to Poland pays respect to SS freedom fighters in German Munich in 2018.

Polish politic in fact under Kaczynski's government became so hateful/ bigoted that  not even Germans no longer have to be a shame of their past across the Europe or worry about future markets.

Fact of the matter is that Poland has nothing to offer to any normal society and as such its citizens represent extreme threat across entire eastern Europe. Drugs, crime, and filthy criminal politic behind which Polish state stands.

If anything, eastern European states should pay close attention to their own immigration regulations because they tend to be abused  severally when dealing with Poles.

EXTREMELY DANGEROUS Poland must first clean own stall and then knock on others doors to prompt about changes. Specially concerning freedom issues.

Poland declined in 2018 to confess about crime even after pointing at one with proofs(rather continued with crime) which deprived me 25 years of life and could well cost me of life on multiple occasions.

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