Monday, January 18, 2021

GREAT GERMAN PLAN FAILED: Putin's agent Alexei Navalny(THE FAKEST MAN EVER) decides to fly straight back into "trouble" since there was nothing left for him to do in "Europa"

Alexei Navalny(YALE GRADUATE INVOLVED IN THIS CASE ALONG WITH PUTIN SINCE DAY 1) was one of the main actors in my case concerning Putin and Merkel. Both anticipated would at one point lure me someway somehow into their great neonazi game for the sake of tsarism and neonazism via conspiracy games of which great part was also human rights advocate Navalny(individual to whom Putin entrusted his own data on how to bully Russian officials and exhort Russian government into compliance with Berlin), but they all just like Donald Trump failed. 

You won't see Aleksei Navalny much longer now - Putin will make one disappear for good as there is no longer any profit(Navalny is at this point useless - Putin and Merkel in last scam insisted me via Navalny how "this" will be my last opportunity to join him in Germany but it became obvious what the two truly wanted to go on as the case would be if I would depart Slovenia) for great plan in it...bye bye Navalny, but also bye bye Putin as will not let go.


So hurt - so poisoned that one returned to Putin and now that must have been love but not for Russia...against Russia yes for the sake of Romanovs and King Peter(grand Yugoslav king traitor who signed neonazi pact with Adolf Hitler)

Someone should explain Navalny that wealthy and protected by mighty Germany which supposedly even saved one's life wouldn't under any circumstances depart from one. 

Real people who struggle for life like I did in Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Sweden, Canada, Austria, Belarus, Ukraine, all over US, Belgium sleep on train stations and inside hostels from where hijacked and financially ruined, eat cheap garbage food in endless search for jobs as are blacklisted - are physically assaulted occasionally and in some cases even killed. & REPEATEDLY DENIED THE RIGHT TO ASYLUM AS WELL AS REJECTED BY EUROPEAN COURT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS FOR NO LESS THAN 15 YEARS WHILE PERSECUTED BY PSYCHIATRY !!! Such was my case the real case.

Prava je Srbija "Bolje rat nego pakt a Rusija LENIN" !!!


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