Wednesday, January 13, 2021

People were hurt badly via this MK Ultra case - people "believed"(often times faked hate against me as they knew precisely who, so they could help me somehow) wrongfully in some cases I hurt them

Truth is that PUTIN, VUCIC, PAHOR, DUDA/KACZYNSKI/BABIS NEEDED SOMEONE like myself to hurt people, so their systems were capable to truly hurt them afterwards. 

Its an easy system. You drug individual loyal to his nation up and involve ideology in it which is condemned universally and will be used to erase his nation - it wasn't about Slovenian nation alone, but others LISTED AS GOOD TO GO too. 

Torture individual and embed one into lies(wrongfully accuse one like Lech Walesa did in 1995) enough for him to consciously reject entire eastern European culture of which part he is - Serbian CHETNIK movement in 1995 where brought didn't hide who/how nor did Putin...

Beat him up more, use electroshocks, and introduce one to people from entire eastern Europe and in other cases as intended by West globally.

Collect emotions as Putin stated and enjoy watching world burning and creating conspiracy theories in between which you present yourself as God. With luck(forced unemployment and psychiatry) truth will never ever come out...the longer the better and most important ensure that people see what you want them to see...

Mind is terrible thing to waste yes, but not if one isn't yours and you can earn $$$ with wasting one in other people. Ohhh yeah and most important is to make individual feel at least a bit guilty in it as politicians NEED this at the end to bail themselves out  if truth somehow comes out...

Someone insisted me that people who were certain that I was guilty should have been punished for their thinking and were in some cases - well, that someone failed to explain stated above. This isn't between me and people, but between people and state which allowed politicians to sell own people lies.

Many Russians and many Serbs PAID IN FOR WITH OWN LIVES if they refused to see it the politicians' way - paid in for with lives whenever they liked me(saw suffering in me as this is what bothered politicians the most). No there was no need and no point to punish people from my perspective...this was used to convince me that people alone were bad no good during investigation process in Poland/Czech rep., but for the most part people were and are(over 90%) good and would like to thank all.

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