Thursday, January 7, 2021

Luckily my loving young niece and her husband warned me about danger to spell truth about my old father

 She had with her husband issues of her own going, but didn't miss to warn me about what the case will be and whose fold if I will dare to speak truth about one. I am left with choice no other but to thank all and wishing them to settle issues with politicians just as they did against me for no less than 26 years. 

I was needed because politicians need someone GUITLY. I am needed no more since - that I never needed them on the other hand, they unfortunately couldn't understand(get this even that I repeated them time and again million times) for 26 years.

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They can continue to settle their differences with one another whichever way. They did for 26 years(they know how its done - I had no chances on the other hand) disregarding my opinion -  important part for me is to remain myself. 

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