Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Same people who "cured" doctor Nikolina Balaban inside of psychiatric institutions made her visit funeral of Arkan and set her up with false accusations after she proudly accented her Bosnian heritage in 2016

It is safe to conclude Bosnia lost its media compass https://stav.ba/vijest/arkanova-jaranica-doktorica-smrt-i-njeni-ratni-zlocinci/293 entierly - I am not surprised as disinfo behind is humongous(next to Vucic, its entire Putin's initiative pushing forward to eradicate them, yet they prefer to fight ne another and even more so if those are women).

I cite "Prije izbijanja afere imala je status "zvijezde", zbog bloga koji je pisala o ratnim dešavanjima i kritike vlastima RS-a zbog nepriznavanje zločina u Srebrenici. Čak joj je i Face TV dodijelio priznanje "Ličnost godine", po glasovima gledalaca". from https://faktor.ba/vijest/nikolina-balaban-priznala-da-je-nesavjesnim-lijecenjem-tesko-narusila-zdravlje-pacijenata-u-bihacu/104361 <==those who senteced her into prison admit that her writing benefitted Bosnian people, but still rather stick to photos which they produced to lock her up one day if still not fit for greater chetnik agenda.

As a result of political games, they labeled her with "doctor death". Choice to meet Karadic, Mladic, and Vucic - she had none !!! Its the stuff along psychiatric treatments where she was compelled that nobody dares to even mention...she may not get out alive. Her real crime - she wanted consolidation with one another.

She probably will not get out alive. They make people accept false beliefs(beliefs against themselves and own people) on what they destroy them.

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