Tuesday, January 26, 2021

About neighbor Andrej Uhl for whom I have stated have murdered two people in traffic accident

 Mother claims now he never did, but everyone knows HE DID. Accident took place most likely in year 1986/1987 when he raced his motorbike(could have been also car Lancia) and have smashed one into vehicle coming from opposite direction - two young people were killed on the spot and from what I was told few years ago the police from this very city covered crime for one once one got involved into this very case to the point that entire family(whatever remained) from deceased was somehow bullied out of vicinity of the Novo mesto city. This individual is in my eyes regular reckless killer - assassin.

After the "accident", he again appeared racing through our village with motorbike(its why I believe was his racing car Lancia) what pissed a lots of people in the city - not only in our village. He who at the time had GREAT REGRETS NO LONGER REMEMBERS TODAY ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT TOOK PLACE BACK THEN as police erased from his criminal record stated above.

Just to set the record straight and with him and with Slovenian police which is in my opinion a disgrace for police profession.

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