Friday, February 15, 2019

Russia not enough funny to vote for commedian on newest Ukrainian elections - Poroshenko did outstanding job in the background of the political arena

Russian fascists(G(K)REMLINS) hate him for a reason. He is fearless and have shown real virtues from which other politicians could learn.
Gets international attention in respect to Russian terrorism in Ukraine !!! The one you need !!!

Kicks Russian terrorist out of Ukraine like a boss !!!

Russian terrorists hate him for doing his job
Must be doing something right when terrorists are after him...

Russian(Belarus) terrorist Valerio which had guts to reappear inside of the Polish immigration system(and what makes me very seriously doubt about Polsih political background) next to me in 2018/2019 knew for Poroshenko(this criminal has straight ties to Kremlin - Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova migt have been for short time even intimately related to him as they threatened in case I would dare to confront him as seen here) and have gestured under MKultra on how KGB already knows all about future Ukrainian candidates...Valerio insisted in 2005/2006 along with others that KGB will take Poroshenko out accordingly. 

Poroshenko as a result(big info. leak behind his back - Poroshenko disappeared from scene alraedy in 2002/2003 as it became trully dangerous even for him as a future politician) stopped from communicating with other Eastern European "leaders"(all of them because they all were and are Russian rats - Zeman/Kaczynski/Pahor and so on) as a result and have resented me as per my turning toward Russian side against Ukraine which I did due to violent Russian/Serbian/Slovenian MKultra brainwash.

Poroshenko survived Russian hit by engaging other potential candidates such as comedian which you see is running for president - he too met me. Poroshenko managed to steer attention to other direction thanks to them and have even done some outstanding job for Ukraine in the back of the courtain...very tough job to do since Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych was involved in it as well...I do give special order of courage on behalf of Ukraine to Poroshenko for his job if I were Ukrainian. He deserves it. Ukrainian people should be proud of him...Russian terrorists from Ukraine in mean while have even visited with Putin's team our home in Novo mesto. Insisted on war in Ukraine...created fake mob scenes in Ukraine to blame it all on Ukrainian people and so on...

Poland has opportunity to charge Russian terrorist Valerio with highest degree of terrism(you will not find easily individual as violent Valerio is) as of right now, but I doubt about one as it appears to be as fake as fakest watch ever. 

Ukraine should watch its back when it comes to Poland. Russian terrorists used to call me Stepan Bandera in Poland infront of Eastern European politicians and Polish natives for no less than 8.5 years while at the same time raping Polish females and in some cases killing Polsih men and women.
This is good stuff...NATO's assistance is great sign for Ukraine as well.
Poroshenko was not tortured as I was(MKultra done for political purposes as seen under my case is a certain death my friends - you have to be a cat with 1000 lives to get away from it alive)....Poroshenko had a chance to get away with it and have even "forgotten" to assist me during my darkest hours(is president since 2014 what were my darkest hours in Slovenia - I have heavily supported Ukraine till sometimes in mid 2016 when I turned in other direction), but I understand he most likely couldn't do much for me one way or the other as I was steared into hatred by Russians and their apparatchicks in Serbo Slovenia and he alone could get in trouble(on international watch as all politicians worldwide knew him already since decade earlier)...

Mr Poroshenko along with other politicians whose names I will not mention have gestured under MKultra also possibilities(as the way to escape from Russian watch) which didn't appeal to me in any way when MKultra turned into reality(sure Ukraine is beautiful and all, but business is business and I dont know for a single sane individual who would complete job and ran from pay when one is due and would even hide himnself from perpetrators). If you do like to help me, say out loud my name.
I appologise for disclosing perhaps even a bit too much about Ukrainian political background, but deem to give you Mr. Poroshenko crucial support amongst those that count(West big time reads this as they analised whole thing already from their prespective and I am going over yet again to point out situation to the world a bit closer and publicly judgemental). Poland should be your best neighbor and hope this will trigger some thinking(opposite of disastrous Moscowian Kaczynski's brainwash) amongst people here...both nations deserve best, but to get best you have to have ethics straight and work hard. You are good example of best Mr. Poroshenko. Outstanding job.

Ukraine SBU blocks Russian special services' attempt to meddle into presidential elections

The SBU Security Service of Ukraine has blocked an attempt of Russian special services to meddle into the presidential elections in Ukraine.

A resident of the city of Dnipro has spread information in social networks with public calls to redraw Ukraine's state border. The man was in contact with a resident of the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don by e-mail. The latter supervised his work and set a task of spreading fake news about the situation in Ukraine, particularly in the political and religious spheres, the SBU's press center said.

After the start of the election campaign in Ukraine, the Russian gave his subordinates materials smearing presidential candidates, who were touring of Dnipropetrovsk region, for further distribution. The investigators charged another two residents of the region with the similar crimes. 

In addition, a Russian citizen was looking for Ukrainians who possess a pellet or air gun for their further involvement in rallies and riots during the elections in Ukraine.

 The investigators opened criminal proceedings against the Ukrainian accomplices of the Russians under the article "Encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine." Pretrial investigation is under way.

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