Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Roomate who talked tonight yet again at 0200am, have lost his temper(exploded) this morning because two bags of tea were left on his bed accordibg to him

Not his first time you know...this Warsaw agent lost temper before as well...for instance day after I returned from Warsaw where told how I have no right to audio video record even ongoing death threats - they hoped I would reliese audio tape related to what you see here and this way throw me out of the political asylum procedure. I still didn't...

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/pWbEgZHVIQw

How funny(opposite of roomate who drinks nothing, but heavily sugared tea) that I amost never drank tea, but some 200/300 bags of tea disappeared from 3 packages...something I have never even mentioned to my "roomate".

He goes from death threatening(yes again) when asked about it to loughing loud as mad right infront of other roomate durin incident seen on video...note that he admits to have played(states that it was only a joke) with dangerous detergent which most likely was used also to cause me wrist burns via watch belt...video was recorded 3 months ago day after my return from Warsaw....sleeps all day long lives life of luxury to cause damage and explodes for tea two bags which he finds on his bed ;)

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