Wednesday, February 27, 2019

My war to be accepted in Poland as a human being will continue to go on for the sake of Poland

Till seen by authorities as such(you will see my complain and answer one like it or not - will not accept this as an answer) or simply kicked out.

I am not doing this for myself...I am doing it for Polish nation more than anyone else as whole which MUST NOT become as Belarus - Belarus nation once was just as Polish a nation of its own, but with what went on and with what goes on today in Poland, Latin letters as well as Belarus language alone were replaced with Russian alphabet(cyrilic)/language. Belarus people more often than not institutionalized. Resettled. 

Sad things that must not repeat, but instead improve for all(Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus...eventually as well for Russia).
I am strong and very self assured(have God and proofs on my side as well as other assets required to withstand and deliver)

I fear nor regret anything.

1 comment:

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