Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Poland rightfully discredited in Sweden/Norway

First clean your own stall(you still have Stalinist era apparatchiks at fork at factories across the Poland who are used to police Ukrainian and even in some cases Belarus workers who immigrated to Poland due to Russian aggression) and then point at foreign issues. Have you folks also noticed lately how Poland no longer is requesting compensation from Germany for WWII !!????? Trust me, you never ever will hear about this issue again. It became a dead cause just as country itself. Was used by Warsaw as a temporary trade option only which started to develop a bit prior to my arrival to Poland. Wonder not why...

Along with memberships, responsibilities come - but this is issue which seems doesn't concern Warsaw just as international laws/treaties doesn't concern or apply to Russia.
Number of Norwegian immigration in Poland 2(one mom with her son).


More than country itself, safety of Warsawian politicians became important. Polish politics more concerned with exterior recognitions and memberships rather than responsibilities/duties after those are handed out....Post cold war strategy from the side of Poland doesn't defer from Russian one. Give and get slap in return

Respect is like a goes both ways and if not crash occurs. Make sure you respect rules and stay on your side of the road.
This is related straight to my case

Look who is talking about Stalinism...rather why(because one is
using same methods is why and is using them to promote one) one is talking about Stalinism should be the question...



Swedish court refuses extradition of Stalinist-era judge to Poland

A Swedish court in Gothenburg has refused a Polish request for the extradition of a Stalinist-era judge suspected of issuing unlawful death sentences to underground fighters in the 1950s.

Judge Mats Hagelin justified the decision by declaring that the crimes that the former judge, Stefan Michnik, allegedly committed in Poland decades ago were covered by a statute of limitations under Swedish law.

In October, a Polish court issued an European arrest warrant for Michnik, who is suspected of committing 30 crimes “bearing the hallmarks of crimes against humanity” in Warsaw in 1952 and 1953.

The ninety-year-old, who has Swedish citizenship, is the step-brother of Adam Michnik, editor-in-chief of Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper.

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