Thursday, February 14, 2019

PERFECT VALENTINE GIFT TO ME: Warszawskies place inside of the room(as the second roomate) a Belarus "Pet Shop Boy" who was with me already in Denbak near Warszaw

This is not a joke. I am serious(you can see me laughing bellow, but am not kidding). As of Today, Mr(whose name I will not state), have found his way into my room in this very immigration center.
He(not the one seen here lol) is a long time friend of KGB(police officer) individual from Minsk and was also used under MKultra for intimidation purposes in the future. 

This man is not likely a KGB individual, but instead a Belarus who have somehow entered Polish immigration system in 2005/2006 due to personal struggle there. He is not violent individual unlike the case was/is with Valerio. He was quite gentle with me when they subjected me to MKultra and have declined being aggressive despite being challenged(they encouraged him to be, but he just couldn't) by KGBs.

Chances man would found his way into my room without KGB assistance as the second roomate are just as(almost just as) your observing lost needle in haystack. 

KGB undoubtedly admits involvement in the case and wants me to be part of their story(want to be part of this story)...I on the other hand don't see myself around them or have them around me anywhere even near. I got to know criminal character(the mind - their thinking - and have tasted physical violence on my skin) of theirs way to well and am unwilling to forget and forgive(GIVE from my side is  as always was their main concern as they are fake as fakest watch ever)

I consciously refuse their calculative manipulative help for whatever costs may be(will take and not accept whatever is mine only). Hate against people didn't win here, but conscious decision from my side based on resentment to defend my honor(filth have even used Russian females to sexually seduce me under MKultra and then denied me under such circumstances as well as inlife the basic purpose we all have in life, have left deeper than deep scars in my soul) did.

I have more proofs coming about MKultra as I managed to gather more, but library was closed nway more often than open. "Pet Shop Boy" because because he reminds me a lot(and character and physical look) of my laid back(also fast weather alike changing) friend in Slovenia...I just hope he will laugh a lot(doesn't even matter to what) ;)

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