Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tomorrow regarding meeting with Polish immigration/border patrol authorities

#1 Appointment with Polish border patrol at 9am

#2 Visit to Warsaw to either get passport if rejected to file for another political asylum procedure or to reapply for social benefits which will also run out tomorrow(meaning that I have no place to go to after tomorrow if not approved). Either way, return(same or next day) to Lodz for my belongings will follow. 

All this will be financed(will go here by autostopping as Polsih state refused yet again to grant trip ticket; I don't feel like placing myself in same situation as I did in Slovenia where once wrongfully accused of fishing and other time charged for never used internet services - in both situations Slovenian government atemted to get me jailed bye charging itself super interest rates - will not go in detals about how scenario in jail would play against me) by me personally.

Polish authorities didn't answer within proper time limitations and have even falcified date when negative answer was given to me(placed date on answer as 6th when I acquired about work permit in Poland, but have delivered document two days latter on 8th - past even 6 month period). And have schedulled me for appointment with them when visiting them on 15th for 21st - same day as social benefits run out)

This they created yet another insane situation as explained above. Violation after violation and for here stated, I have 100% proofs in my hands.


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