Thursday, January 31, 2019

Not only Serbian UDBA(KGB) via Melania Trump's father, but Czechoslovakia's KGB spy agency targeted Donald Trump in 1980s through wife Ivana's father as well, archive files reveal

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Czechoslovakia’s former spy agency targeted Donald Trump in the 1980s as part of a mission to gain information about the US government, archive files have revealed.

The country's intelligence service, Státní bezpečnost (StB), began their operation to spy on Mr Trump in 1977, when he married his first wife, Ivana Zelníčková. 

The operation was based in Miss Zelníčková's hometown Zlín in south-west Czechoslovakia and relied on tips from her father Miloš Zelníček, according to files seen by The Guardian newspaper.

Mr Zelníček was a regular informant for the agency, passing on information to the local StB office from his daughter's trips home and tidbits about Mr Trump's career.

The future US president was already a well known figure, thanks to his New York real estate empire and considered to be well connected to the upper echelons of American society.
The StB's interest in Mr Trump increased after the 1988 US election, which saw Republican George HW Bush elected president.  

Mr Zelníček told officers that his daughter Ivana had "confidently" predicted Mr Bush's victory shortly before the 1988 election.

“The outcome of the election confirmed the veracity of this information,” agent Lt Peter Surý wrote, in a document dated 23 January 1989 and marked “secret”.

The prediction came “from the highest echelons of power in the US”. Ivana was “not only a well-heeled US citizen” but moved in “very top political circles”, Mr Surý said.

The agency's first directorate responsible for foreign spy missions attempted to "deepen" its operation around Mr Trump, new archive records obtained by the Guardian and the Czech magazine Respekt show.

“Trump was of course a very interesting person for us. He was a businessman, he had a lot of contacts, even in US politics,"  Vlastimil Daněk, a former StB official, told the newspaper.

“We were focusing on him, we knew he was influential. We had information that he wanted to be president in future.”

Mr Daněk said his superiors in the agency's Prague headquarters were also focused on Mr Trump. “It wasn’t only us who paid attention to him. The first department of the StB were interested in him. I don’t know if the first directorate shared information on Trump with the KGB. I can’t verify or deny.”

The agency, in what was then Communist-run Czechoslovakia, also routinely shared intelligence with their Russian counterparts, the KGB. 

The Trumps are known to have visited Moscow in 1987 at the invitation of the Soviet Union's ambassador in Washington. The trip was arranged by Intourist, the official state travel agency. It was shortly after this trip that Mr Trump first hinted he was considering a presidential bid. 

The extent of the Soviet Union's attempts to spy on Mr Trump is unclear since known, but the newly uncovered documents show both Moscow and communist-run Czechoslovakia were extremely interested in the businessman and had taken note of his political ambitions. 

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