Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Иди на хуй ('Idi na hui') ГОВОРИТ РУССКИЙ РТ НОВОСТИ ПОСЛЕ ОФИЦИАЛЬНЫХ БЛОКОВ ПЕНТАГОНА РУССКИЕ ТРОЛЛИ: Pentagon ex-official Twitter-blocks journalists who point to Ukraine MP’s neo-Nazi ties

SAYS RUSSIAN RT AFTER PENTAGON OFFICIAL BLOCKS RUSSIAN TROLLS ON TWITTER...I will not translate words above nor did those officially appear anywhere, but I can hear then from the distance 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Russian trolls(aka jouranlists) blocked by Pentagon official on
Twitter for annoying him with Kremlin's "neonazi" nonsense... everybody arround Russia is a neonazi...including China, but not just yet officially...and if that would become the case one day my dear Russia, can you explain us why it would happen !!?????

You are a problem Russia...not Poland and not Ukraine and not Baltic states and not Belarus and not Czech Rep. and Slovakia, etc...if what you see as evill will turn into reality, it will be all because of you. You get it !!?????

The only one for time being(at least Putin gets replaced and Kremlin becomes normalized) that can normalize world of Slavic affairs and stablize world before it gets too late is at this point Poland...

As far as this so called "jouranlists" who have real ties to neonazis and are harboring neonazism dressed in red, I pack them on planes and ship them right back where they came from...same on Facebook and Twitter...our people are not allowed(except for neonazis - isn't that outrageoulsy funny) to participate on VK.COM either...

From famous Putin's store of misinformation known as RT.COM:

A former Pentagon official and DC think tank hero has decided to block journalists on Twitter, rather than acknowledge the inconvenient fact that Ukraine’s parliamentary speaker has a well-documented neo-Nazi past.

Michael Carpenter, an Atlantic Council senior fellow who served as a foreign policy advisor to Vice President Joe Biden, took a swing at journalist Max Blumenthal on Twitter – describing him as a “pro-Putin propagandist” and a “sleeze.” Responding to an article that suggested some sort of nefarious Kremlin role in Blumenthal’s opposition to US military intervention in Syria, Carpenter tweeted out: “This explains a lot. Blumenthal came up to me at a recent event in DC with a video camera in hand and kept asking me why I supported Ukraine’s 'Nazi leadership' (while recording my responses).
Tragically, Carpenter wasn’t able to savor his magnificent dunk on Blumenthal for very long, as it was soon revealed that he had completely misrepresented what the journalist had actually asked him. As a video of the brief exchange clearly shows, journalist Ben Norton pointed out, Blumenthal queried Carpenter about why far-right Ukrainian parliamentary leader Andriy Parubiy, who co-founded two neo-Nazi groups in his country, was being fêted by Congress and the noble DC think tanks that Carpenter associates with.

Please continue at RT.COM to see their side of the truth...I have to say its a bit hard for people to take yours side of the story after you do what you have done in Ukraine...lost of dead people Mr. Kremlin and huge chunks country are missing.

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