Saturday, January 26, 2019

I call all Polish patriotic people on war against Warsaw

I knew answer to my genocide claim against Slovenia and Russia would get fast answer once Poland would be added to one

This are people who hate me and all are also traitors to Poland...

Kachinski and his students Morawiecki, Duda and so on...Poland was added yesterday to other two countries, news seen also was released yesterday. My idea of Poland is a total independence if one, theirs is a servitude to Moscow.

I cite Kachinsky, "we don't want nukes and other weapons of mass destruction because someone could trigger button against Moscow...its better to stay never know what could happen if radicals took over in Poland"...

We know the truth now...I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE...will stay right here in Poland and also call Ukraine and Belarus for assistance in this matter. And Czhech rep. and Slovakia.

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