Tuesday, January 29, 2019

This is used yet as another MKultra proof for authorities. Facts undeniable

Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2019/01/two-ex-mkultra-staff-members-identified.html This are facts undeniable and in no way would I know personal details about someone who worked for Schawzenegger(helper on ranch of Maria if I remember properly) if not for him disclosing me details.

Got very very upset with the two yesterday, but they actually helped me out as I see, so I would like to thank both of you.

American, British and other governments should rather look into 3% deal because of my personal plans for Poland, Ukraine, and Baltic states. 

If you help me out,  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish%E2%80%93Lithuanian_Commonwealth it can be done with 100% certainty. I get it done. I wake people up and build real(you can be only a real nation if you express concern for human being including foreign human beings which at this point is hard to due do to Russian influence on your soverenity - I paid full price for your non souverenity, and it must not repeat again) nations out of them.

Tesco company whose owners were involved in ordeal will be he last one to settle with(if the worst come to worst and would have to settle individually)  ;) Thank you for this morning(a reminder) Tesco. Tesco knows very well what it means when you are the last to settle the matter related to genocide.

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