Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Nobody seemed to have cared for fish in Qinghai Lake China some 24 years ago(1996), but few poorest local fishermen who would still try their luck(but as told with less and less and no longer even a option as fish was totally gone they claimed) and myself

I cared so much about fish that local boss had no choice other than to pay attention to me...he was sick and tired of what he called watching local if they watch after me since I ongoing rushed to the lake(was in constant search for victims with whom I could exploit lake = fishermen)....he did paid attention when the right opportunity opened for him and I cite one when top Chinese delegation visited in 1999, "he is crazy and is doing this  and that and want to go to lake all the time looking for fish"...in English right infront of me...

But some two years down the road(2001), he thanked me as Mr. Xi Jinping paid very close attention to my crazy views(its area from where I snatched my ex girlfriend who even came to live in Miami - once discovered, chant about her beauty soon reached to Japan) and rehabilitation of native carp begun to take place. This is no ordinary carp, but fish with unique salmon alike quality which is growing into real industry - it is what Mr. Jinping told me case will be and presented me under my case as one of the biggest contributions to China.
In 2005/2006, local bosses as area grew extremely fast, were extremely pleased with fishing harvestry(THEY BUILT SOME SORT OF POOL THERE IN 2002 FOR FISHING HARVESTRY PURPOSES - OFF COURSE I ENVISION ONE AND WOULD EXPAIN EVERYTHING IF THERE AS THERE IS NO STREET MAPS) which started to sharply advance fish population and as can be seen bellow - a real success...

@International community - you will condemn FOR ME A so called "Schizopygopsis" which presently applies to species of river-dwelling fish in the family Cyprinidae, endemic to the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau, China  as I was INSULTED in this very room in Slovenia by Polish Kacynski/ Andrzej Duda, Morawiecki and other serial murders who in 2001(perhaps even before 9/11) insisted me on how fish will be named after me for whom spot inside of the mental hospital is already reserved - they red file about my MK Ultra case and amongst details in my stay in China, and fish issue classified by even what appeared Russian of Polish origins explorer Nikolai Przhevalsky explorer after whom fish was named  on what as always hateful Polish remarks(regular verbal and psychological abuse - torture by group of mentally ill envious Pollacks) followed against me https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizopygopsis_pylzovi as always was the case.

What started to take place year and half/two years prior to 9/11 with me differed from previous treatments when compared to Bush as one PERSONALLY DEMANDED PHYSICAL BEATINGS TO BE DONE ON ME AND TO EVEN INCREASE THEM(no longer was bout sweet Bush I knew once) during which questions of hatred appeared as per whether I want or not Twin Towers to go down...the one who hyped me via violence into answers concerning 9/11 was Poland. Little did Polish Pope who I understand even blamed me for it, knew who truly was behind...

I have NOOOO idea what Polish Pope was confused more about - whether about fact he knew about MK Ultra case(play out of Satan's book) concerning me for which he knew clearly I suffered and have claimed Kaczynski to STOP...or for what you see here...he did cried do - perhaps even for both.

Polish Embassy in Slovenia:

Richarda Kuklinskiego 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia 

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