Saturday, June 19, 2021

According to Milan Kučan in 2013/2015/2017, it's a deadly injury because it's where lymph nodes connect with spleen - super delicate

 Russians and Serve butchered me with assistance of United States of America which brought me to Europe for exactly here stated. Throwing American citizen on a Russian/Serbian surgical table to have one chopped as pleased and complain about being discriminated against by me drugged up and tortured...

@USA - I don't believe in any of your human rights claims. You used fake death certificates to inflate Covid19 and you use fake concerns to cover what otherwise should be media's real space in news concerning real victims of this case genocide your country orchestrated. You use fake human rights concerns  as well as  scream to out scream cry for help from those truly in need. 

Yes I was and am poisoned - their plan is to get me complete ordeal and then get rid off me as also was told...and so who normal when tortured would want torture to stop and go about stuff I did knowing his compensation will be in the end death via prior spine brokerage and so on..

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