Sunday, June 6, 2021

Joe Biden not so UKRAINIAN after all - he conditioned Ukraine with lifting sanctions if not riding corruption and now one represents symbol of corruption is pushing for pipe(more occupation - more nazism against Ukrainian population)

Only if its for Ukraine and pipeline - then Putin would stick to Hitler a bit longer...

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says he learned through the press — not any direct heads-up — that President Biden had decided to stop trying to block a Russian pipeline that Ukraine sees as a dire national security threat.

Driving the news: Zelensky used an hourlong Zoom interview with Axios on Friday to beseech Biden to meet with him face to face before a June 16 summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin — offering to join him "at any moment and at any spot on the planet."

  • The embattled leader spoke of Putin's psychological pressure campaign; his own anger-turned-disappointment at the U.S.; and his hope that Biden, whom he compares to basketball great Michael Jordan, can still outmaneuver Russia and rescue Ukraine.

Why it matters: Russian gas currently flows through Ukraine en route to Europe. Nord Stream 2, a Russia-to-Germany natural gas pipeline, would allow Russia to circumvent and isolate Kyiv, Ukraine's capital. Zelensky said the U.S. is the only power capable of stopping Russia.

  • "This is a weapon, a real weapon ... in the hands of the Russian Federation," he said. "It is not very understandable ... that the bullets to this weapon can possibly be provided by such a great country as the United States."

  • Putin is already wielding his additional leverage over Ukraine. The Russian president said on Friday that Ukraine must show good will if it still wants Russian gas to pass through the country.

What they're saying: "The State Department has regularly engaged with Ukrainian officials regarding Nord Stream 2. Prior to the transmission of the most recent report to Congress, the State Department notified the Ukrainian ambassador in Washington and senior officials in Kyiv, including the president’s chief of staff, of the contents of the report," a White House spokesperson told Axios.

You don't necessary have to lease Hitler option from Putin....

He has his media department doing just that instead of you and for both sides - yours and his and his against his...

The nazi whichever way you prefer with Putin's free gift ;)

The most dangerous and UNSTABLE country that pushed world into ocean of neonazi madness we see today is no other than Russia. Russia created world powers to compete for neonazi swastika with its beyond criminal unethical hateful practices.

@Putan Putanowich's team - its not so much about uniform one wears as is about practices in hands of uniformed or ununiformed practitioners possibly hiding behind those atrocities which they continue to attribute historically to evil from the past...

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