Tuesday, June 15, 2021

When I get through this ordeal(and I did), the #1 PRIORITY of mine will be to immediately annihilate every drone on four wheels operating on Slovenian state infrastructures

 That much for Teslas and cars operated possibly via satellite navigation systems. Making your everyday needs possible and not task impossible for the sake of few high budget elites who built for themselves special one way "boring tunnels to nowhere".

Ensuring your mom/dad/ family returns from work/whereabouts in one piece(alive and/or with limbs) - worriless from 4 wheel drone threats/attacks which already took place in United States of America.

Enough we have them in the air...no need for possibly even foreign powers to operate bombs on wheels in my little country.

You enter Slovenia ONLY without AUTOPILOT system or you exit one without car.

I want police officers/journalists and others concentrated on their jobs- not crazy tweets...world is already dangerous enough.

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