Friday, June 18, 2021

RETURNED WITH MOTHER AT 0310 HOURS: Taking father to hospital, local Serbian girl with group of young people even waved in the car like crazy in Kandija intersection in Novo mesto

 For that matter I was told father will be gone for good...few days ago, mother begun to worry about winter heating of the house or rather what I was told will be purchase of briquettes. Its how far father would be with us according to MK Ultra...

Nevertheless, I told mother that I will transport father to hospital any time she wishes, however, will not hand around him or wait for her all night long any longer - not even one single hour. I cited her example of father who wouldn't wait either for her or myself even 5 minutes. Advised he in case she would like to stay with him next time to either call taxi or have him return with ambulance vehicle(didn't go as far as farther did/would, but what normal people would do).

Because whole thing is repeated MK Ultra torture during which American Mr. Danial Smith even advised me to NOT HANF ARROUNG CITY CENTER AT 02/0300AM HOURS BECAUSE I WILL BE observed and whole thing atop of lies which they mounted against me already to question my mental health.

RussoAmerican setup for which local physician who handled father during exactly the same emergencies in same hospital at night told me will have to write a death certificate if situation will repeat - he had in his mind whatever I stated about father earlier on today as per faking whole thing which I WILL NOT REMOVE.

Brainwash scenario on where to park the car at night(as I was about to go for a walk till mom would call me for pickup) during father's emergencies ALL TOO FAMILIAR...blah blah you supposed not to here yes there not can tow will tow blah bloah...

I will need few days exercising to gather my brain from directed energy attack which took place today against me

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