Monday, June 21, 2021

@NANCY PELOSI AND POPE FRANCIS IN VATICAN CITY: I do like the answer on how many US democrats were involved in 9/11 - September 11th, 2001

After Mr. Mike Tyson's departure to China in 2001(he wasn't nervous about all the money he invested in his factories there, but one spent all the money investing in his Chinese factories once he was informed in China during his shopping spree about "MISTAKE" he committed and for which one was warned well ahead on not too YET, but did because he was in rush to get cheaper deals before others arrival), Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock also involved same as Mike Tyson and Mike Tyson's partner(best friend till then) WOULD NEVER EVER be seen next to Mike Tyson again...Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock also departed to China on a factory shopping spree, but latter as he refused to break US Democrats rotten "saw, nothing, heard nothing, know nothing 9/11 protocol" for which they cashed as you see super substantial amounts of money.

I want answers on this questions BECAUSE Barack Obama suggested me at local workforce and innovation center along Biscayne(it was actually a CIA cover-up fortress as they had one entire floor in this building to themselves under pretense of newspaper) in face in 2002/2003 on how he investigated 9/11 and found all about my involvement in one + because I was  accused of being a racist bigot while war was declared on my Slovenian homeland. Never mind about what went on inside of our house and what was done with me...I need to have answered this questions because the biggest racists I have come across and what can easily be seen from TODAY'S SITUATION are here mentioned members of BLACK KLUX KU KLAN organization which is happily advertising their supremacy under the struggle for so called "human rights".

The one who even advocated Mike Tyson's "mistake" and knows absolutely EVERYTHING ABOUT IT as he even threatened me under MK Ultra with mentioning anything about here stated and was/is an individual who is about to meet Joe Biden(preplanned meeting with Putin, Pope Francis, Chinese delegation) one of this days and his name as you might guesses is Pope Francis(also is a devoted follower of Dwayne Douglas Johnson).

p.s. I may be dead(who knows what goes on with cancer issues with me as Americans planned big on getting read of me), but nor will Jesus nor will aliens be guilty for your American 9/11 and other fiascos.

You murdered a whole a lots of people on that September day in 2001...I hope for you it was well worth(unsure about $$$$ if it actually will pay you off)...their rights and their $$$$

The real neonazi fascist - black KKK - is you Mike Tyson and a whole bunch of other Wilders out that that ran United States of America amok along with white neonazis. Your both groups have more in common than what world would possibly think, but facts are facts. You are up to nooo good....

Whole thing might appear to you weird from my stand point to appear on here, BUT since my presidential campaign for Dwayne Johnson was unsuccessful(yup , I promoted him against Trump and Biden), I figured out for whole thing to be nothing more than a lie used to assassinate people with false guilt and false hope weapons and what appeared to me as with idea for victims to even assume blame for crimes committed as you see selected folks. 

Fake death certificates and fake human rights cases overscreaming real tragedies - its what Black Lives Matters is and the suffering/pain you cause is meaningless to you. Satans.

Derek Michael Chauvin is in my eyes a FAKE ASSAIN just as George Floyd is a FAKE VICTIM about whom, however, truth will decide and American state is willing(make no mistake about it) just as Slovenian state is in respect to my father sentence one even into real death to prove its point.

They never answer to my problems, but to my enemies.

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