Friday, June 4, 2021

In 1998/1999 whenever brought to Germany and accompanied by Trumps, I got into almost physical confrontation on each and every occasion with either of two Trump sons who would

 take orders on attacking me when in Germany from Czech and Polish Governments. The main cause was envy/hatred for someone other than Czech/Pollack to earn something more than what their politicians had despite fact that Skoda factory exists in Czech republic because of me only. These two criminals LIED on German streets before German politicians about MK Ultra past(as how to pursue renovation/construction in area) - have brainwashed me into wrong information. Eventually Poland and Czech rep. ripped my MK Ultra case from Germany and I have to say today - FOR ALL THE WRONG(WORST OF THE WORST) REASONS. 

George Bush insisted on principle from Camp David do which Merkel embraced once Poland got ahold of me entirely as was told in 1998/1999 - see, ask what one remembers, but no longer correct/tell one about anything...

In Poland and Czech rep., MK Ultra was all about beatings/death threats/ abuse...

Why next to Trump when in Germany specially, because its how parasite made his $$$$

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