Friday, June 4, 2021

Both computers are broken

 Using either of the two further would result in burning motherboard as was told case will be. American psychologist told me coolers didn't work for either of the two as they use specific cooling systems. Merkel insisted how I should buy new tablet from China at this point...Trump Eric(both Jr. and Eric involved - you prince from Bell Air also knew about it all) mawned about screen problems that I would have what indicates mentioned screen issue...there is no difference between US Democrats and republicans is what I can tell you folks - they both were in it from day one to MURDER/KILL ME. Republicans started big lie for which not only knew will end soon, but have used as time and again before a democrats to "STOP" one from know, a big secret "somehow" leaked out and then there was no way to "help me" any all Joe Biden witnessed for no less than 26 years.

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