Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Chechen refugees in Grotniki area - who are they(not all, but for the most part yeah) !!???? Here is what Russia have orchestrated in AGAIN in Poland with assistance of Kadirov

Being silent about it, doesn't do anything for me and nor does for real Chechen people who arrived here for the right reasons. Here is my account on how things were under MKultra. 
Russia may try to reduce this case to Kadirov issue(on his level since individual is seen as terrorist in his part of the world), but Russian terrorism across the Europe(world) is a fact undeniable and must be stopped.

KGB Rostislav Pobjedin disappeared today(have they let him go or did he disappeared on his own I do not know) is also what am told....no computer was available yesterday or today in Grotniki area for me to update complain with Polish police in respect to his case...

This is Europe and not Russia or even Chechnya(I am fedup with both) and we also want to live like Europeans(civilised people). I didn't come to Poland for this.

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