Saturday, October 6, 2018

2 of 2 KGB second physical and public slender attack with idea to stop me from filing political asylum in Poland in 2018

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2 of 2 KGB second physical and public slender attack to stop political asylum procedure in Poland in 2018

On original two hours and half long tape can be heard how I work out and also another individual whom I do not wish to involve in situation. 

ACCORDING to Rusky KGB agent Rostislav whose last name I will not mention as whole thing is already pathetic enough:

Librarian girl is a whore and I am "Alfons" because I f*** women for money(I must have f*** many bye now according to Rostislav).
Interesting and opposite from physical attack which Rostislav exercised against me in front if security officer because I left gym without arguments after he declined to give me even his ID in exchange for key, Rostislav allows himself to verbally insult me when asking same from me.

In USA where severely tortured per KGB(it's what seats now even in White House as insane as it sounds), I was bullied by CIA which performed MKultra torture(Guantanamo style on US citizen of Slavic origins) in respect to my last name "Avsec"(they used instead name "upset" because KGB' plan was to ruin my life completely via CIA when in USA /W. Europe and via Belgrade once in Slovenia - which criminals did it). You can hear KGB criminal using this exact language.

I am again called Jew per Mossad(it's how murderous criminal Netanyahu is using KGB as criminal needs excuse for genocidal involvement against me as well - insults/ harassment/ physical and all sorts of other attacks are okay as long as he get "excuse" to point finger at me - its a Jewish payback for what state of the Isreal have gotten through to me when negotiating businesses deals throughout Eastern Europe between 1998 and 2006).

Rostislav imitates me in Russian as per how I work(pay attention to using word "work" in Russian language with which he imitates American accent of Russian language - doesn't even apply to me, but he is severely sick and sees things that do not exist) on what is going me where my money is and so on...he has lots if problems per what I do...and my work bothers his boss in Moscow - obviously.

Rostislav also keeps disturbing Polish president Andzej Duda - wants aliby for his KGB activities and to disturb(in his mind get both things done, but is wrong - to disturb/(gets alibi for disturbing Duda), he writes nonsense letters also to other politicians in Europe and USA)...

Minute 17 second audio starts...I am dirty whore and so is librarian girl and so on...too many audios like this, but also too many problems as my equipment gets effected all the time...

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