Wednesday, October 31, 2018

I have recognized this morning even beautiful pensioner with his dog today who gave me a green light about MKultra

Have made a mistake about his profession, but I even remembered his walking trail from MKULTRA in the local forest (he disappeared in the forest, but memory kicked in about his regular trail, so I waited him at the end of his trial;)... video and much more coming on this subject.

Daughter of a pensioner was diagnosed as schisophrenic, and works near Grotiniki in office which deals with people who are experiencing immotional difficulties (Chechen people were mentioned). This is also how we got to know one another. The pensioner is the second person (first one was Mr. Marcin Rau) who agreed (as seeing one).


After obtaining extremelly powerful recognition from here mentioned individual, they tried to intimidate me a local hospital. Individual whom I have met under MKultra and is a great friend of female doctor there have posed for me, but denied knowing me in my face(I wouldn't back down from my claim do as individual was 100% involve in MKultra just as the female physician)...I asked him about MKultra details almost infront of her(was told under MKultra two versions - one that I would be observed/monitored by her alone and security personnel to se just how assertive I am with my claims in public when questioning people which could brought me a load of problems, but then on how I have to ask her afterwords as well about MKultra procedure so they would understand that I know whole thing). I did not proceed with asking her about details, but I am making a public claim that she was involved just as this man(both are team) and will absolutely return when the time is right to get recognition from her as well.

Further(coming next)...

My android's screen got broken the day before yesterday by my roomate. Have about three hours long documentary about my roomate coming to explain in details what I was subjected to and not only under MKultra, but afterwards again in real time. Will explain in details what fear mongering and terror are.

My roomate is a good person despite stuff I will stress about him(he did lots of wrong things, but he could have done many many more and much much worse if he only wanted too), but its KGB which used him to get their things done the way they imagine it should be.

Tomorrow is a hollyday here what means that libraries are again closed(work on whatever is left of my two androids).

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