Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Why incident involving two security officers is important even more

Under MKultra, Ruskies have orchestrated lemonade(continuation of incident to which "residents" from center even loudly cheered) that involved via this very incident even replacement of security personnel with some sort of currupt international crew(international non Polish uniformed personnel that would support KGB option). Not likely to happen, but just about anything is possible here.

It is possible that KGB criminals have only instigated in racism to destroy individual with gimmick mentioned here or is there more in the game....It's what they have done and do since I had first encounter with them in 1996(nothing but Moscowy fascism/Nazism against neighboring nations and the wall if hypocrisy/lies behind which they are hiding)...Moscow is of course innocent and knows nothing about stuff like's Americans who do stuff like I right ?

Moscow = hatred hatred hatred hatred...pure evil.

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