Thursday, October 11, 2018

This feminine predator feels as being most bullied person in the world

From and
Her father who murdered(individual has a criminal UDBA record) numerous natives in Slovenia feels the same...

Melania Trump most mullied person in the world....

Melania’s Dad, a New American Citizen(if you remember, I was kicked out of USA as a US citizen via death threats and forced joblessness that lasted no less than 12 years on two continents because MKULTRA torture was not enough - this is the UDBA/STASI/KGB garbage that moved in mean while inside of the white house) With a Record in Yugoslavia’s Secret Police Files

There was and is a girl here in Poland who supposedly was/is a very good friend of Melania(disinterested Melania couldn't learn even three words in Polish despite all her FAKE efforts and comfort in which she spent learning language)....I will say to you only this, "do not bet on your friendship as is as fake as one can possibly be". I got totally other instructions from her in respect to you and Poland. 

If I do listen to her and Donald's advice in respect to Poland, I would be out of Poland one month ago already...they were and are in game to play us all.

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