Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Online threats go on and THEY would want me to blame them all on Jews, but is NOT "all" like that !!!

I will follow up with detailed video on this subject.

First of all, I have made enormous mistake by taking side against British PEOPLE because of very progressive and well designed attack on me("I WAS WRONG - I APOLOGIZE" FOR MY STATEMENT REGARDING BRITISH http://ausertimes.blogspot.si/2017/08/sebastian-gorka-not-forced-out-of-white.html)...this attack was prior to real time attack supported by progressive MKULTRA brainwashing procedure and it did managed to finally cause as such a tremendous damage to me. Its okay because(if I use one of my own quotes), "it is not wrong to be wrong, it is wrong when you know you are wrong and you continue to be wrong". 

I no longer want to be wrong in this case folks ;) Again, my sincere apology to the British !!!

It is just how important it is to stay loyal to your own principles or one simply loses meaning of his/her life(not only for me, I - but "we, each, for everyone of us" is the same)

It's little things like this that have ruined our past and will continue to split our common interests(ruined prosperity for us granted to us by our own people and NOT kabbala team and their selected politicians who are using us to to give ourselves break from white genocide in the name of kabbala - ZIOFASCISM) if we continue to express any kind of support(or show weakness) for their manipulations.

Attitude that I have experienced in real time under what used to be my page, "Washington Marching Against Genocide of Whites in South Africa"(keep in mind that I am in game for everybody and when you insult Slavic people, you insult my inner being - would have done same for German or French or British etc...my legacy is to bring us all together, my legacy is to STOP "divide and concur") was simply atrocious because of what appeared were even white South African people who were taking ZIOFASCIST Kabbala side against brotherly white Eastern European women(most precious there is in this world to any normal male are women - females !!! And when one insults such portion of dignity in male that belongs to that portion of population with suggested rapes/beatings/slavery - it is over for whomever does such thing and for whomever dares to suggest such things to society as "normal") for the sake of Israel !!!

It didn't make any sense at first other than Jews would have done it for their usual trick, but it was much much more in it...days went bye and they hurried me to write, but I just couldn't because I didn't feel right...inside of me - it was very wrong(its why they rush and its how they obtain desired from tortured individual) !!!

Who would benefit under such attack !!??? Absolutely "Divide and conquer" Israel !!! This was the country that initiated attack and have also publicly accepted responsibility for one(they DIDN'T mind at all !!!). They proceeded with life threats, but in total agreement with KGB, CIA, and other by kabbala manipulated government organisations worldwide(that Israel have nothing to fear when exercising life threats under MKLUTRA became evident already back then....the torture procedure was known and in agreement with all other governments...the fact that Israelis afterwards followed up with threats publicly, explains a whole a lot about here mentioned governments - THEY ARE ALL IN BED WITH ONE ANOTHER FOLKS!!!)

This life threats(all blamed on Israel), but in which CIA/KGB and others were just as involved would serve to produce most desired and by KGB(under MKULTRA) suggested outcome = my removal from public life(same as the case was when in Belarus - we can play "dead" incident and simply remove you from public life to continue our 73 years old "divide and conquer" politics !!! Life in Russian village never ever was so tempting/exciting !!! WRONG PUTIN/MERKEL/TRUMP ETC. !!! YOUR LIVES ARE YOUR PROBLEMS !!! IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE, GIVE CHANCE TO OTHERS WHO CAN AND WANT !!! WE THE PEOPLE ARE HUNGRY FOR REAL CHANGE !!! FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY FOR ONE ANOTHER IS WHAT WE WANT!!!)

I repeat words of Slovenian people from Russia(Slovenia have people employed in KGB as well) under MKLUTRA, "he shouldn't be at this point any more...he should be terminated...removed from the process"(this were instructions to local police in Novo mesto and Slovenian politicians present under MKLUTRA by Russian KGB agents)...they begun to argue with one another...keep in mind that CIA and KGB have main offices based in Budapest in very same building !!!

Who else !!??? The one that is trying to repeat same mistake that previously ruined USSR and entire Eastern Europe. Meaning that whole thing is going nowhere and fear exists no longer only from ZIOFASCISTS, but in fact own people willing to go step further to integrate with other white brotherly nations. It is what is known as INSECURITY !!! Unwillingness to accept and deal with challenge is what it is....and it is coming in strange time because we the people worldwide, we are ready to deal with kabbala(meaning that as long as cycle went on in ZIOFASCIST kabbala direction, everything was okay - but NOT anymore as things finally started to turn in our GOYIM direction...in OUR direction !!!) !!!

Who else !!??? Western politicians who serve ZIOFASCIST elites and who do believe that we whites are better off divided and not united(they love their ZIOFASCIST Amero privileges).

Second of all and its what hurts me the most...

You the people...what is in it for you if not that basic dignity...that basic purpose in life to which we all serve !!????

One of the politicians(will not say who and it doesn't apply to this portion of MKULTRA - its when whole things started and other politicians involved in this manipulation wanted to see with own eyes my feedback/reaction) nicely explained to me political situation under MKULTRA, I cite, "I will never ever allow anyone that will hunt us afterwards to seat on my chair and this regardless of how smart/capable he is"....I AGREE TO THAT - IT WOULD BE CRAZY TO DO SO - WHO AT THE RIGHT MIND WOULD EXPOSE HIMSELF AT MERCY WHEN SUCH LEGACY WOULD LEAD HIS FAMILY AND HIM INTO PERSONAL CATASTROPHE....

You THE people...you know what is stated here very well...you know that news outlets(specially "alternative news"  that is running NOTHING else than ZIOFASCIST propaganda) play their own game...you know it all and you stay despite all silent(main stream is against you, so "alternative" news can force you straight into ZIOFASCISM) !!! 

WHY !!!?????

You are getting ready for another 73 years of cold war just the way they want !!! Another cycle of death !!!


This is NOT newspaper dedicated to you. This is the newspaper that is dedicated to the people !!! You are only good to me as long as you are good for your own people(it doesn't matter to me where or what your political orientation is as long as you are good to your folks)

If you no longer serve your people's interests, however, I see no longer purpose in you as a politician.

Make sure to gun me down in case you want to remove me from public political process because I will not go quietly into the night(your hyping - your threats about which you want me to talk about mean to me nothing !!!)

Written by me....you know whom...funny how "white Afrikaners/Boers(in reality were South  African Jews) were suggesting that my Facebook site prior to shutting one down(they accomplished that as well - bravo) was hijacked(watch again if you disbelieve https://goo.gl/iCLbyT )...they know best because THEY ALSO hijack/abduct !!! Getting ready huh criminals !!????...IT WONT DO YOU OR YOUR POLITICIANS ANY GOOD ;))))

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