Wednesday, August 9, 2017

ZIOFASCIT attempt for takeover of the world failed totally, and now nuclear option is on the table because American Jew won't back down from his international positions....

Jewish takeover of the world failed entirely. Mask was taken off the face of America on time and doors closed in his face simultaneously worldwide(from Russia and across the Europe)...but he won't back down because he knows that without leadership, he is nothing and nobody(international merchant is now thing of the yesterday in a country where people are totally aware of one - actually its American majority placed in front of the fact before entire world which expects of one to act appropriately).

ZIOFASCIST clown(self admitted Jew) Alex Jones who is leading small group of people(journalists) that are totally different minded(those actually are real Christians) have had turned to Christianity in most deceptive way possible and is using one as ultimate support for WWIII(he knows logic that is written here). He is using one to uphold its Jewish global position(totally hollow at
this point) till war will break out(its what ZIOFASCISTS need to stay afloat during crises of such proportions) !!! 

Alex Jones is a deceptive disinfo ZIOFASCIST who have camouflaged himself with paints of white nationalism by even suggesting us white genocide across the Europe and Russian mindset as like minded, but he fails to recognize direct war attempt on Russia via war with North Korea.  

Watch(will release one today) my newest video "part 2 of 2 Failed Rothschilds takeover of Russia via Visegrád Group and Polish retaliatory German WWII compensation demand due to corrupt plan failure" where I discuss also people like Geert Wilders(mixed Indonesian with Dutch Jew - no wonder nobody gets to know anything about white genocide in South Africa or if one dares to opens his/her mouths regarding one and points in real direction is removed with blink of an eye) that have taken over white nationalism across the Europe for the sake of grand ZIOFASCIST plan(domination of the world) !!! 

Not Angela Merkel, but ZIOFASCISTS that have hijacked our "pro white parties" are using multiculturalism to condition our lives with either continuation of multicultural death/rape/beatings/unemployment or Israel(Judaism - ZIOFASCISM) as the leading(UBER ALLES) state after 250 million whites have perished due to here mentioned issues across America and Europe within just last 73 years !!! 

GAME CHANGES HERE !!! WE THE PEOPLE TAKE CONTROL BACK !!! I am asking European leaders to condemn American presence in Korean peninsula immediately...

I acknowledge Alex Jones as extremely dangerous radical ZIOFASCIST lunatic that supports nuclear conflict via Trump(a real psychotic gangster tool) with China and Russia...not supporter of the Russia, but killer of the last country in this world that have manged to resist and defeat ZIOFASCIST NATO is what you are Jones !!!

I also call on Russian diplomacy(foreign and at home) to strictly distance itself from Trump. 

@Mr Putin...this was just an idea to make you see yourself(and Russia as such) as part of ZIOFASCIST movement !!! Don't !!! All they want is a global control !!!

It started like this way before Kelly Rebecca Nichols Jones(here) proclaimed Alex as an actor only...its a mental sickness(this are the types of images Jones have imprinted in heads of his followers) that spread rapidly throughout US and in some cases even world...

Its how multi millionaire had advertised himself to Israel and was more than just kept coming, his abnormal(bizarre) behavior in public never condemned and enforced by authorities !!! Would you like to try the same !!??? Les see how long it will be before you find yourself behind walls of mental institution...

This is not Christian behavior in any was a corrupt government tolerance for abnormal...for totally non  Christian and therefore anti American and we know why !!!

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