Thursday, August 17, 2017

ZIOFASCIST president Miloš Zeman, sends Czech military to train with Kabbalah in the desert...Hitleryahu is searching for new HITLER to award him with presidency of Israel. To be considered, one must be white Christian...

COULD YOU BE THE ALL NEW ADOLF HITLER !!???? is your chance ;)

The purpose of such military training operation is obvious potential for Jewish state to use Czech soldiers for aggression(invasion/occupation) on new neighboring territories(Jordan/Egypt etc..) for the sake of greater Israel.
Bye the way for those of you who are interested in this very job, Hitleryahu is searching for new HITLER who will apologise Jewish genocide(extermination via multiculturalism) against whites and increase the size of Israel(via extermination of Arabs) even beyond of what you see here...THIS VERY JOB WAS OFFERED TO ME BY BINJAMIN HITLERYAHU PERSONALLY, but I "declined"(I am working in direction exactly the opposite from the one of Netanyahu - my goal is to clearly remove Israel from its existence as there is no place in this world for ZIOFASCISM -
it was this exact movement that have created NAZISM and as a result of one a WWII that costed lives of over 50 million people...after WWII, Ziofascist movement costed us whites additional 250 million lives in a form of forced multiculturalism) one as you know...this WILL be discussed in separate video where I will make verbal statement on Netanyahu's  criminality and criminality of people(criminal ZIOFASCIST politicians) who have encircled(ruined my life entirely to compel me to see things from ZIOFASCIST perspective) me with ideas as described here...they have used against me everything and anything that can be used in this world against individual and that included my own "family"(not Fritzl, but instead Fritzls !!!)...I will repeat Netanyhu's words to American MKULTRA torturers when they challenged him with what would happen to Israel as the president of the Israel in case I would do something deliberately wrong(idea was to remove in me subconsciously any resistance/willpower against total control in me - this is how deep MKULTRA abuse was folks), "It doesn't matter even if he f*** it up(sabotages one) because Israel is so powerful that mistakes can easily be turned in victories" "but I don't like Israel as one doesn't look like Europe" objection was answered with, "that is exactly why we need you...we also want places like is why we want to increase size of Israel..."...


This disgusting(and ugly and corrupt) clown creature(part of Visegrad group about which  I have talked about recently) from Czech republik associates himself with Vladimir Putin who have absolutely nothing to do with fact, ZIOFASCIST European Union is using Visegrad group to suggest ZIOFASCISM to us across the Europe and Russia as the way to go(exampling one via Visegrad) !!! IT IS A BLACKMAILING OF WHITE EUROPEAN NATIONS !!! IT IS A KNIFE UNDER THE THROAT TO WHITES ACROSS THE EUROPE AND RUSSIA !!! Message is clear, "Pick between continuation of white genocide via forced multiculturalism or ZIOFASCISM" !!! Disgraceful American ZIOFASCIST Donald J Kushner deeply involved(in everything stated above as well and everything I have stated previously) against Europe - Ivanka Kushner is after all half Czech !!!

READ(May 24, 2017)-Netanyahu thanks Czechs for pro-Israel resolutions - Hitleryahu hopes others will follow Prague in recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel, sanctioning UNESCO for bias(basically slaughtering Palestinian people totally out of what used to be Palestine and acknowledging already totally corrupt United Nations as even more corrupt <==this is what only ZIOFASCISM is capable to produce folks...)... 

He doesn't have problem to tell publicly that he is Israeli agent..."I am agent of Israel who he supports one all the time"(he camouflages himself in front of public by asserting statement regarding Russia and Putin that he also is a agent of Russia and Putin and that he is against Russian sanctions - actions, however, are talking much louder than words - he was totally quiet during latest American sanctions imposed on Russia and we all know why...where is your public stand on North Korea Mr. Clown since you are agent of China as well !!?????)...

Aug 16, 2017

IDF and Czech Army’s elite units train in counterterrorism and urban warfare

Over the past two weeks, the IDF’s Duvdevan Unit and the Czech Armed Forces’ 601st Special Forces Group, both of which are elite units, held a joint military exercise in which they practiced a variety of potential modern battlefield scenarios. The special forces trained in urban warfare and raiding buildings.

Video by JerusalemOnline

Yesterday (Tuesday), a joint two-week military exercise came to an end between the IDF’s elite Duvdevan Unit and the Czech Armed Forces’ 601st Special Forces Group. The units trained at the IDF’s Tze’elim and Mitkan Adam bases sharing knowledge concerning potential scenarios that they may deal with in the future. “This learning is very important to us,” said one of Duvdevan’s commanders. “It’s important to learn from others’ experiences.”

The combat soldiers’ special and strenuous training included counterterrorism, urban warfare, improving individuals’ abilities, shooting practice, sniping and different techniques for raiding on targets. “We presented them with our techniques and they showed us their combat methods,” stated Duvdevan Company Commander Captain G., who is commanding the joint exercise in Israel. “The mentality is different, but the language is similar.”
The IDF’s Duvdevan Unit is an elite unit dedicated to warfare in various different fields, especially within the West Bank. The unit operates towards preventing hostile terrorist activity and specializes in undercover operations among the local Arab population.

In a Satanic Jew controlled world where jobs are prohibited and even the way to charge for my articles is prohibited(they control this as well), I am asking you kindly to invest in your future by buying me few of this - so I can continue to stick them where those belong !!! They have ruined my life(tortured me physically and mentally, kept me unemployed for 11 years and out of my professors as educated for my entire life), and are even threatening to one... Thank you

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