Thursday, August 31, 2017

Watch out "papa", they are trying to replace OUR "mama" !!! Meine Stimme geht an Angela

Germans never had "mom" like this before...Russians could say very(very very much) the same for him...together, the two make
adorable couple on political stage. Its is prestige envied by biggest government systems worldwide because Germany and Russia were meant to be married(sorry straight couples) couple...creating biggest and bye far strongest state merge in the history of the world with other European nations which are striving toward preservation of own unique cultures !!! This is project EURUSSIA about which I have already talked about and Angela is irreplaceable part of one !!! There is much we don't know(GOOD IS WHAT WE WEREN'T ALLOWED TO KNOW ABOUT OR SAY - I will give you a partial hint again today only that will remind you off prestigious
stuff that is happening behind scenes) about Angela and believe me, it is only that "bad" stuff(I contributed to that in the past heavily in case you remember Angela ;) off course my name is also "Angel") we know about this little German fighter who placed her own life on line for the sake of the German nation wayyyy tooo many times(she embedded herself in extremely hectic situation, but she did so with reason I am not allowed to even state here).
Most important project in the history of our existence right here before your eyes - envied heavily by few who hope that something could steer plans from what you see here...all I can say is that ever since(first mentioned posted on Monday, July 31, 2017 at, I am even more ambitious about this will be bigger than even what you see here !!! One reason for my increasingly ambitious attitude regarding this project is awakening of Ukrainian people who are realizing that apathetic European Union which is falling apart right before their eyes(everybody wants to get out of one incl. Poland, Czech, Slovakia etc. because they don't want to be turned into "Jumbalayka" states - not only half ruined Germany, UK, France) and whose "endless job search"(no jobs even for natives) visas Poroshenko offered to "his" Ukrainians as solution to 100 Euros per month monthly pay or horrific Ukrainian unemployment(a real famine) is nothing more than a dead end street used to enlarge foreign interests and crate out of Ukrainian people strangers in their own land !!!

And since German elections(24 September 2017) are right round the corner, and because we want project EURUSSIA get going forwards together with Ukrainian people - I am asking you "papa" to simply have your troops record(monitor) proofs about Poroshenko's aggression on liberties of all Ukrainian people(Russian and Ukrainian because Ukrainian people are manipulated/forced into conflict by corrupt "chocolate prince" lunatic)

IN RESPECT TO ARTICLE BELOW: If it takes to get professional Russian troops in conflicting Donetsk areas which are specialized for such operations, so be it !!! The issue here is that Donetsk alone(as a small state compared to Russia) represents liability for Euro Russian relations(world relations actually - it is Donetsk's word against Rothschilds words) and the only way to remove this liability for such relations is to either simply integrate one in Russian Federation or to assure professionally that no response would ever spring from Donetsk area on Poroshenko's belligerents without prior justification(we don't want anyone to point fingers at EURUSSIAN friendly politicians who are visionaries of our common future either).  

I also encourage European leaders to help Ukrainian people by streaming/airing objective media news(meaning that actual news should be transmitted - facts from both sides and not only one side of the coin as the case is with Rothschilds controlled media) to the public, so their population can stand behind them. Giving false hopes to failed regime and build mental wall which is striving toward conflict between Ukrainian and Russian population(two brotherly - well mixed with one another nations) is crime against humanity.

What are you going to do my beautiful Ukrainians in a 508 million European Union also known as "JAIL OF THE NATIONS" where you will represent nothing more than 8% of the population with totally broken Ukrainian economy and divided politics when at the same time brotherly Russian federation offers you to have 33%(lion  share - every third citizen would in fact be YOU if you would decide to move in the right direction) share within Russian Federation's population !!! RUSSIA SIZE 6.6 million mi².....USA SIZE 3.7 million mi²....EUROPEAN UNION SIZE 1,7 sq mi...its really NOT  brainer is it !!!

I call further on Ukrainian people to realize that farming/agriculture capabilities of Ukraine are much needed for Russian market(why not increase your pay for over 500% across the night instead of searching for "jobs" in union where you have below zero chance to survive and where you will always be ZERO POINT NOTHING when you can form one with your beautiful Russian brothers and sisters...why to push in failed union size of 1.4 million square miles when you can visit or live in Crimea as citizens of the union which is more than four times the size of the European Union...why even search for chance in union that is falling apart and from where everyone wants to go out - run  for life...morally and economically broken union that depends on Russian oil) !!! 

I am asking Russian and Ukrainian nations to throw away Minsk agreement and do what the right thing is to do(show world what you are both made out of - NOT out of conventions, agreements, and so called "human rights" - but instead inseparable brotherly bond) !!!


Regarding NATO(there is Jens Stoltenberg's video down below), and so could you Ukrainians please ask yourself how have NATO  naggers managed to drag you UKRAINIANS in conflict when it is fact that mother RUSSIA(very civilized nations that truly loves you) didn't object your Ukrainian independence upon fall of the Soviet Union !!! Am accenting this issue because where am from, it wasn't anywhere even near like that...Serbs attacked 4 other states upon fall of Yugoslavia(it was a lengthy bloodshed between brothers here - something that Russians didn't even think about doing to you)...

I recommend to Bundestag and Germans people a total boost for Angela...she is German icon...that is your state mom that lives for you...she is prefered partner in the world also and her politic is simply brilliant(charismatic, giving, daring, open, simply intelligent, loyal...experienced, and almost always with her irresistible smile) !!!

I am simply NOT "rich enough" to give any of the two seen here away(change them with what/whom !!???) !!! ARE YOU !!?????

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Cold War 2? Germany hits out at US-Russia sanctions warning against new 'ice age'

GERMANY does not want the new US sanctions against Russia to lead to a new “ice age” between Moscow and the West, Berlin has warned.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel spoke out against the sanctions as he attempted to ease relations between Germany and Russia. 

Earlier this month US President Donald Trump approved new sanctions on Moscow for its 2014 annexation of Ukraine's Crimea peninsula and for what US intelligence agencies say was its meddling in the US presidential election, a charge Russia denies.

But Mr Gabriel said Europe is concerned the US sanctions could have "unintended consequences" after meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Washington.

Mr Gabriel said: “We as Europeans have great concerns that this will have unintended consequences for Europe.

“We don't want to completely destroy our business relations with Russia, especially in the energy sector.”

The Foreign Minister has criticised the US for the move, saying the new punitive measures expose European companies involved in energy projects in Russia to fines for breaching US. law.

Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries even urged the EU to retaliate against the United States if the new sanctions on Russia should end up penalising German firms.

Mr Gabriel said European leaders were concerned the latest sanctions would not only have economic consequences, but could also "lead to a new ice age between Russia and the United States and the West."

Kurt Volker, the newly appointed US special representative for Ukraine, told broadcaster Deutsche Welle, that Washington would not forge any agreement with Moscow "over the heads of the Ukrainians or behind the backs of the Europeans."

He told told Deutsche Welle: “The US has made clear we fully support the Normandy process, and it's not our intention to become a part of it or to try to go over the top of it.” 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the EU’s sanctions will be lifted once Russia agrees to a ceasefire in the Ukraine. 

Mrs Merkel said: “Ukraine does not have full sovereignty.”

She said the removal of sanctions would be economically beneficial to both Russia and Germany. 

Mrs Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have called for Russia and Ukraine to increase their efforts to implement the ceasefire agreement.

The leaders have urged Russia and the Ukraine to implement the 2015 Minsk agreement in order to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine. 

Since it erupted in 2014 the conflict between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed separatists has claimed more than 10,000 lives.

Germany and France have tried to convince both sides to implement a peace deal agreed in Minsk in 2015 but with little success so far.

Russia has been subject to sanctions from the European Union, the US and other countries since 2014 when it backed pro-Russian and ant-government groups in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, which resulted in the annexation of the Ukrainian territory of Crimea. 

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