Saturday, August 19, 2017

MADE IN ISRAEL: Nothing in this world is like a Jewish and much more unmatched !!!

I love women myself...I adore them !!! For me, nothing is like woman...I could be given entire world(all the lakes, rivers, mountains etc...), but without woman - they wouldn't make any sense to me !!! I love woman being boss at home because I want her to feel free. I Want her to have sense of ownership(its okay even if she slaps me here and then - all is good !!! I am a grown up man and not a crybaby after all) in household and freedom. I love woman that is independent...I want her to be strong...makes me nothing happier than to see smile on woman's face(to make her smile - to place smile on her face is it for me - jackpot !!!)...want her to be comfortable around me as much as possible....WOMEN DO NOT HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS EVEN IN OUR SOCIETIES THESE DAYS !!! FAR FROM WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SATISFACTORY SITUATION FOR ANYONE OF US REAL MEN REGARDING WOMEN !!! MUCH MORE(almost everything) MUST BE DONE FOR WOMEN TO HAVE EQUAL STATUS IN OUR SOCIETIES(will make video on that as well - there is a lot I have learned about from Belarus that should be used as an example to improve our societies  and there is much that I feel as man was missing from my life due to women's inequality within our societies - what is stolen from women is what we men are also deprived off in another form)but what you are about to see here on this video - well, it is a bit too much even for is SICK just as crime factory known as Israel(crime factory is what Israel is) is !!! This is not feminism, this is ZIOFASCISM !!! Its this here that makes women ugly...its this here that makes this world ugly !!!

Feel sorry for this Russian men...

Who needs lakes and rivers and one wife when you can have all this...all this - imagine folks...all this

NOTE: I have video file of above video, so if one disappears again just as the case was earlier about abducted women to Israel, I am going to post this video on numerous other video channels out there(not only Jewish youtube, but all over cyberspace).

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