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To help NATO and American democrazy, I suggest Russia and China to perform on Cuba same as US have done to Europe via Israel

Found THIS to be truly "inspiring" article(also seen bellow)... it will continue to be like this till world won't express real concern for safety of American people.

Most of them are pointed in Europe and not Iranian desert. This program goes way back - earlier than 1967 when Arabs(forget about Iran whose Monarch at the time was Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Iran a country almost no different than democratic European states) didn't even know what nuclear bombs were(with exception of few who were able to afford radio - just being sarcastic here, but Arabs didn't have any nukes till recently) !!! IT IS ESTIMATED THAT ISRAEL ACTUALLY HAS OVER 400 NUCLEAR BOMBS(you can READ this estimation on Jewish Wikipedia alone) AND NOT 200 !!! It was on July 12, 1955, that
U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower announced the Atoms for Peace initiative and Israel became the second country to sign(following Turkey which was used to place/introduce with its symbolic signature on international table ZIOFASCIST state of Israel), "peaceful" nuclear cooperation agreement with the United States of America(long long long before so called "Cuban missile crises" when/where USSR somehow wanted to recreate equilibrium in nuclear war race against ZIOFASCIST USA) !!!

13 years after Kennedy's ZIOFASCIST assassination(took place on November 22, 1963), Pahlavi explains to American people who owns and controls United States of America and how...American people won't listen and Iran is forced to replace promising democracy very soon with radical version of Pahlavi(Ruhollah Khomeini). Other nations worldwide were forced to do the same. 

Yeah, everybody wants democracy(democracy is a deception, but freedoms granted by the state to the people can be expanded under certain circumstances if those aren't endangering existence of the nation itself), but in a rapidly changing post WWII where and when Jews were given the right to their first ZIOFASCIST state(corruption and criminality exploded throughout the world), democracy became more and more thing of the suicide for the nations(enormous USSR have crippled itself domestically and internationally with number of counter measures that would be used to counter what world have not seen in the lost track/post WII momentum of technological moral advancement as a result... rampant criminality demands implementation of extreme measures and those can lead into totalitarianism - its how USSR was lost)...states located on Europe(forget about gold olle USA known also as lost world) continent are no exception to what is written here very today !!!

WHY RUSSIA WITH CHINA !!??? Because I consider China as extremely valuable partner that have had and continues to contribute in a modern history to a great deal of balance between total evil and what we whites should consider(long due) as beautiful brotherly Russian nation(real Russians are nothing else than Swedish people mixed with indo-European clans...mixed further with Fines/Baltics/Ukrainians/Poles and even Germans who have in some cases a % or two of Mongolian admixture - I was there and have seen it all with my own eyes...perhaps most beautiful white diversity that world have EVER seen) long time ago. It is why I call the two countries(Russia and China) to mutually help Americans with understanding of what Mohammad Reza Pahlavi have tried to explain them long time ago...after-all, taking democracy(freedoms) for granted, is not the way for anybody as one is the most expensive "commodity" in the universe !!!

Trump already thanked Russia for cutting US government personnel in Russia(it will help save money to America according to him and it truly will if we consider that US have robbed several Russian properties in US prior to expelling Russian diplomats from US - disgustingly accusing them of espionage after Putin expressed publicly his concern for well being of American people during presidential campaign in 2016) and so its time to move on and help American nation(have obviously totally lost hearing) some more(malicious news as the one bellow will go on till American people wake up or are placed in permanent sleep - choice is theirs)...


From nbcnews:

U.S. Investigating Diplomats’ Hearing Loss in Cuba

AUG 10 2017, 6:15 PM ET

WASHINGTON — The U.S. government is consulting with outside experts to determine what happened to American diplomats in the Havana embassy who returned home with damaged hearing, officials told NBC News on Thursday.

What caused the Americans in Cuba to suddenly begin losing their hearing remains a mystery, intelligence officials said. A range of possibilities are being considered, based on the reported symptoms, and it’s not clear whether ultrasonic sound waves were to blame. It could also have been radio waves or even attempted poisoning, one official said.

No single U.S. agency is clearly in the lead on the investigation at this point, according to a senior law enforcement official, although State Department Diplomatic Security is the default lead, because it is responsible for the security of U.S. personnel. The FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies are also involved, as are other government agencies with expertise about potential causes.

Publicly, the State Department has said only that the Americans returned home with "physical issues."

One State Department official confirmed reports that the diplomats were experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, and a Cuban government official told NBC News the Americans had complained of an acoustic "incident."

The State Department has also left open the possibility of a third country being involved. Iran, North Korea and Russia all have a significant diplomatic presence in Cuba.

"We don’t have any definitive answers about the source or the cause of what we consider to be incidents," State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters Wednesday. She stressed that "we don’t know where this came from. We can’t blame anyone individual or country as of yet."

She said that there are a "variety of physical symptoms in these American citizens who work for the U.S. government. We take those incidents very seriously, and there is an investigation currently under way."

Cuban officials have denied directing any actions against the diplomats and have launched their own investigation.

"Cuba has never, nor would it ever, allow that the Cuban territory be used for any action against accredited diplomatic agents or their families," the Cuban foreign ministry said in a statement Wednesday. "It reiterates its willingness to cooperate in the clarification of this situation."

Also on Thursday, Canadian officials said one of their diplomats in Cuba was treated for hearing loss.

The Canadian government is "aware of unusual symptoms affecting Canadian and U.S. diplomatic personnel and their families in Havana. The government is actively working — including with U.S. and Cuban authorities — to ascertain the cause," Brianne Maxwell, a spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada, said in a statement.

The U.S. first learned of the health issues toward the end of 2016, more than a year after the U.S. reopened its embassy in Havana.

Nauert said the Americans working in Cuba had returned stateside for "medical reasons."

Two Cuban officials in Washington were asked to leave the U.S. in May as a result of the incidents.

The development threatens to set back relations between the two countries, which then-President Barack Obama took major steps to repair. President Donald Trump has undone some of the previous administration's strides, but the U.S. embassy in Havana remains open.

"The Cuban government has a responsibility and an obligation under the Geneva Convention to protect our diplomats," Nauert said. "That is part of the reason why this is such a major concern of ours, why we take this so addition to the protection and security of Americans."

END of the "article"

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