Monday, November 15, 2021

Britney Spears is a US Government bride - not mine(will charge you with rape, torture and contempt for justice/human dignity with attempt to kill individual who moved back to his European homeland to avoid more crime against one from US Government)

 Was used a time bomb due to coming China/US meeting for which I accent from my side as a NO to USA whatever outcome of one will be. US Government anticipated will awake b.s. sympathies in respect to her. US Government claimed me that she will not be capable to help me till she is cleared from father. This took place few days ago, so that much for Britney Spears and her violent hubby from Iran 

@Britney Spears and your ex husband - will charge both with hijacking/torture/ human trafficking.

You are all one of the main(core bullshit on my resume of abuse since 2008) reasons as per through which US Government and Great Britain and Germany pushed more crime against me. Western Nazi$$$$ queen king pinss.

Kids on the other hand if really are mine are welcome to visit - never is fold of the one brought to the world under mentioned circumstances...

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