Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Role of Slovenian police through Milan Kučan Borut Pahor in my MK Ultra case

Milan Kučan and his UDBA have had even SOME Slovenian police officers and members of Teritorialna Obramba(Slovenian territorial defense forces) involved in war for independence of Slovenia in 1991 rehearse incidents with their Serbian counterparts for which they had to apologize(were forced to regret infront of them) to them for.
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Milan Kučan had Ljubljana police(older veterans whoever those were - 100% UDBA trained killers) handle Novo mesto police. They would come along Kučan and subordinate Novo mesto police around little fingers whichever way they wanted...I remember assassins very very well. Maribor police as second administrative unit(independent from Ljubljana) in Slovenia had to be resolved according to Kučan already in(since) 1995/1996 - they worked like 8 years actively before crushing one totally...I witnessed all.

I identify police officers as well as police station during what should have been my absence anywhere on European continent during 11.5 year stay in USA(1995 - mid 2006) - WHATEVER YOU DO LIKE TO HAVE IDENTIFIED !!! 

Argue with truth if you can

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