Thursday, November 11, 2021

After consuming box of UNHEALTHY cookies and drinking coffee last night, my health sound wise is unchanged - perhaps for a shade(20%) even better

 Why !!????

In my case, eating unhealthy food compared to healthy food made the ONLY difference as for knowing(acknowledging) I ate unhealthy food whenever I ate one and what they referred to as indulging myself vs eating healthy food as they referred one as which, however always ended with same outcome as if eating unhealthy food. 

And my final thought on Battenbergers/Windsors healthy/unhealthy...something Harry refused to answer in case of Romanov couple whom we visited in Rome in 2015/17 on my question to one as "why not me"(obviously he was just as fat if not more than myself at the time, but healthy and didn't have to go through stuff as they promised me I will have to)....

During trips to Warsaw when in Poland in 2018,2019 per immigration, my health greatly improved  as I have to buy myself junk food cookies on my way there and back - absent from immigration camp for a day...why !!????

@Harry - you provided with lies not answers.

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