Monday, November 22, 2021

TRAINED INSIDE OF THE LOCAL POLICE STATION IN NOVO MESTO(FROM 1998 ON - WITH KAPŠ I KNOW FOR FROM 2001) NOT ONLY ON THEIR BEHALF: Police involved told me under MK Ultra that psychiatrist Peter Kapš had my mother watch videos of Targeted Individuals, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Directed Energy Weapons victims with IDEA FOR HER TO USE EXACTLY SAME FRANTIC BEHAVIOR IN-FRONT OF ME whenever I would object to her attitude

Attitude like from my example:

Myself to mother: I took product back and got complete money refund without being asked
any questions. Cashier at the register was very nice. 

Mother to me: You have the right to complain call boss if they give you hassle...

Myself: What the hell are you talking about !!????

Above scenario was a trained next to other scenarios answers(always play me down) to me whenever I attempted to engage with one in normal conversation on what it was time as stated in title to play victim and express impulsive injured with yelling frantic attitude in my face. Close to 20 years of this.

Psychiatrist Peter Kapš played this types of videos and did brainwash on parents at the local police station which premises I remember - not only with permission of police but on their behalf. 

I was hurt, but she played as explained above. I - a useless dung shit lazy good for nothing as my mother(victim of domestic violence reported to police against me) claimed was/am. Next to abuse, numerous "feel sorry for me" scenarios were embedded into MK Ultra as a follow up on abuse procedures of which one even gestured my mother asking me for forgiveness crying pretending from suffer from medications as she returned from Ljubljana Polje - several scenarios on how system made her disappear via afterlife and so on...main one was sniffing with nose...

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